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At Pain Consultants of Texas in Hampton Courts, Dr. Eliel Nataki has treated many Laredo, Texas residents who were in auto accidents. Regarded by many of his patients as one of the city’s leading auto-related injury specialists, he is familiar with the latest advancements in injury diagnosis and treatment.

Auto-Related Injury Q & A

by Eliel Nataki, MD

What Is an Auto-Related Injury?

An auto-related injury is an injury that occurs during an auto accident. Any kind of injury, from a bruised thigh to a concussion, may be considered an auto-related injury if it occurred during a collision. The collision could be between two vehicles, a vehicle and a stationary object, or a vehicle and a pedestrian.

Who Is at Risk of Having an Auto-Related Injury?

Anyone who gets in a car, whether as a driver or a passenger, is at risk of suffering an auto-related injury. No one plans to be in an accident, but accidents happen every day. Even pedestrians crossing the street are at risk, as a car could hit and harm them.

What Should People Do if They Have an Auto-Related Injury?

As soon as people think they might have an auto-related injury, they should seek medical attention. Injuries that occur during accidents can be severe, even life-threatening at times, so it’s important to not delay treatment. Even if an injury is only minor, promptly getting treated can make the recovery process go quicker and increase the chances of having a full recovery.

People who sustain an auto-related injury are sometimes concerned about who will pay for the medical treatment they receive. Treatment should never be delayed until an insurance or attorney company has been contacted. Whenever there is a potential medical issue, it should take priority. The person at fault who should pay for the treatment can be sorted out after the injury has been assessed and treated by a doctor.

Who Pays for the Treatment of an Auto-Related Injury?

Who pays for the treatment of an auto-related injury is a complicated matter. It depends on who is at fault for the auto accident that caused the injury, whether the person at fault and the injured party had auto or health insurance, and the terms and conditions of their insurance plans. This can take days, weeks or months to sort out. As mentioned, medical treatment should never be delayed due to legal and financial issues.

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