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At his practice in Hampton Courts, Dr. Eliel Nataki has helped many people who've suffered from cancer. His patients respect his expertise and appreciate his caring spirit, and many of them recommend him to fellow Laredo, Texas residents who have cancer pain.

Cancer Pain Q & A

by Eliel Nataki, MD

What Exactly Is Cancer Pain?

Cancer pain is any pain related to a cancerous growth. Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, which usually manifests itself as one or more malignant tumors. As these tumors increase in size, they can press on other parts of the body and cause pain. Because the pain is caused by the tumor’s growth, it typically worsens as the cancer progresses and the tumor increases in size.

Sometimes treatments for cancerous growths can also treat cancer pain. Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation are aggressive treatments that can be painful at times.

How Is Cancer Pain Treated?

Eradicating the cancer will eliminate any pain it’s causing. Removing a cancerous growth isn’t always possible for every patient. It often takes weeks or even months of treatment. In the meantime, patients are often suffering from pain.

Most cancer pain management plans use medication to reduce the pain as much as possible. For minor pains, doctors may recommend over-the-counter medications. For severe pain, doctors can prescribe opioids, such as codeine, morphine, oxycodone, hydromorphone, fentanyl, methadone or oxymorphone. Usually, these medications are administered orally. Making it easier for patients to take them at home.

What Should Patients Who Have Cancer Pain Look for in a Physician?

When looking for a doctor who treats cancer pain, you should first seek out a physician who is licensed in Texas and highly experienced. Licensure lets a doctor legally practice medicine in the state of Texas. Board certification shows that a doctor has proven their knowledge by passing a difficult exam. The American Board of Pain Medicine certifies pain management specialists, and Dr. Nataki will become board-certified in September.

Additionally, patients should also seek out a doctor who has a conveniently located practice. Cancer pain management often requires ongoing care and going to a doctor who’s close by makes getting to appointments easier.

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