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Eliel Nataki, MD
With his office located in the McPherson Medical Plaza, Dr. Eliel Nataki has helped many Laredo, Texas residents who suffered from pain or injury. A respected anesthesiology pain medicine specialist who has a long history of serving Laredo’s residents, Dr. Nataki is respected by both his peers and patients.
After earning his medical degree, Dr. Nataki completed several clinical training programs, including:
  • A fellowship in pain medicine at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
  • A residency in general surgery at Harlem Hospital Center
  • A residency in anesthesiology at SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn
Thanks to his extensive training, Dr. Nataki is able to offer Laredo residents a variety of services and treatments at Pain Consultants of Texas. He’s helped people manage pain in the back, neck, and joints and has also helped people with pain caused by diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. Additionally, Dr. Nataki has helped many patients recover from work-related and auto-related accidents. Dr. Nataki and his office personnel are fluent in both English and Spanish and are able to help answer any patient inquiries. On his staff and team are an anesthesiologist,  nurse practitioner, and a clinical specialist to better serve the needs of his patients.
  • Epidural Block, Facet Blocks
  • Epidural Lysis of Adhesions (LOA)
  • Myofascial Trigger Point Injection
  • Nerve Block, Sympathetic
  • Nerve Destruction by Neurolytic Agent
  • Spinal Nerve Block
  • Steroid Injection
  • Trigger Point Injection

What we offer


Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Epidural Injections Spinal nerves can become inflamed due to irritation from a damaged disc or front contact with a bone spur. Depending on which part of the spine the inflamed nerves are located in, pain and/or other symptoms (such as numbness, tingling) may be experienced in different areas of the body. An epidural injection delivers steroids into the epidural space around spinal nerve roots to relieve back pain, leg pain, or other pain caused by irritated spinal nerves. The steroid used in the epidural steroid injection reduces the inflammation of those nerves, which is often the source of the pain. It works by delivering steroids directly to the painful area to help to decrease  the inflammation that could be causing the pain. It is thought that there is also a flushing effect from the injection that helps remove or "flush out" inflammatory proteins from around the structures that may cause pain.

The transforaminal approach is very selective injections around a specific nerve root. The foramina are small openings between your vertebrae through which the nerve roots exit the spinal canal and enter the body. By injecting medication around a specific nerve root, the doctor can determine if this nerve root is causing the problem. Using a live x-ray (fluoroscopy) a needle will be guided into the opening where the nerve root is being compressed. A dye solution that can be on our x-ray monitor is injected so that we can determine the extent to which the nerve is being compressed. A steroid medication is also injected around the nerve root which acts as an anti-inflammatory medication to decrease the inflammation and swelling of the nerve root.

Syndrome (CRPS)
Degenerative Disc Disease
Herniated Disc
Intervertebral Disc Disease
Knee Disorders
Low Back Pain

All Headaches (incl. Migraine)
Autoimmune Diseases
Back Pain
Benign Chronic Pain Syndrome
Bone Disorders
Brain Disorders
Cauda Equina Syndrome
Chronic Neck Pain
Chronic Pain
Complex Regional Pain

Neck Muscle Strain
Osteoarthritis of Hip
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome or Knee Pain
Pathological Spine Fracture
Post-Laminectomy Syndrome
Radiculopathy (Not Due to Disc Displacement)
Sciatica (Not Due to Disc Displacement)

Spinal Stenosis
Spine Deformities
Spine Disorders
Spine Fractures, Traumatic
Upper Back Pain


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