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Back Pain

Back Pain Specialist
At his Hampton Courts-based practice, Dr. Eliel Nataki has helped many patients who suffered from back pain. Highly regarded as one of the leading back pain specialists in Laredo, Texas, Dr. Nataki is both honored and pleased to serve the city.

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Back Pain Q & A
by Eliel Nataki, MD

Is All Back Pain the Same?
Back pain can take many different forms, ranging from a general soreness in muscles to shooting, sharp pains. Sometimes the pain comes and goes, and sometimes it’s constant. It may occur anywhere in the back.

How Is Back Pain Treated?
Several different treatments are available for back pain. Depending on the precise location and type of pain that a patient is experiencing, a doctor might recommend:
  • massage therapy
  • over-the-counter medication
  • prescription medication
  • chiropractic treatments
  • other treatments
In rare cases, surgery is necessary. Operations are necessary only in the most severe cases, though; usually, back pain can be managed with non-invasive treatments like those listed.

What Should Patients Look for When Choosing a Back Pain Specialist?
When selecting a doctor, patients who suffer from back pain should first look for a highly experienced physician who specializes in back pain management and treatment. Additionally, patients may want to seek out someone who has an office near them, as back pain treatments can take several appointments. Going to a doctor who is conveniently located makes it easy to get to and from appointments.

Who Should Consider Seeing a Doctor for Back Pain?
Anyone who is suffering from pain or discomfort in their back may benefit from seeking medical treatment. Doctors are able to provide treatment for lower-, mid- and upper-back pain caused by both musculoskeletal and neurological issues. Anyone who is unsure whether they should see a doctor for their back pain ought to make an appointment for a consultation.

Is Back Pain Treatment Covered by Insurance?
In many cases, back pain treatments are covered by health insurance. All insurance policies are different, though, so patients should contact their insurer to find out whether their treatment will be covered and whether they need a referral to see a back pain specialist.

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