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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Specialist
At Pain Consultants of Texas in Hampton Courts, Dr. Eliel Nataki treats many patients who suffer from neck pain.
Highly respected by both peers and patients for his expertise in neck pain treatment, Dr. Nataki is regarded as one of the leading neck pain specialists in Laredo, Texas.

Neck Pain Q & A
by Eliel Nataki, MD

What Causes Neck Pain?
Neck pain can be caused by many different things. Discomfort can come with age or can be caused by injury or illness. Some common neck pain causes include:
  • physical injuries, such as sports injuries or car accidents
  • herniated discs in the neck
  • chronic poor posture
  • pulled neck muscles
This is not a complete or comprehensive list of possible causes of neck pain, but just a sampling of some common causes.

How Is Neck Pain Treated?
There are several different ways to treat neck pain, such as:
  • using heat or cold to relax or numb muscles
  • using over-the-counter or prescription medication to manage the pain
  • undergoing massage therapy to relax the muscles
  • undergoing surgery to correct spinal problems
Surgery is rarely needed and it’s usually reserved for cases in which other, less-invasive treatments haven’t worked.

What Is a Neck Pain Appointment Like?
Seeing a doctor for neck pain is a lot like seeing a physician for anything else. The appointment begins with filling out some initial paperwork, taking vital signs and recording the patient’s medical history. After these items have been taken care of, the doctor will usually sit with the patient and review the patient’s signs and symptoms. The doctor will then perform an examination and recommend a course of treatment. At the end of the appointment, any prescriptions that are needed are written, and another appointment is scheduled if needed.
A typical appointment doesn’t take too long. It’s usually easy to fit an appointment around other activities, as long as the doctor’s office isn’t far from where a person lives, works or goes to school. If a procedure will be done during the appointment, the appointment might take a little longer than a standard doctor’s appointment. Patients are often notified ahead of time if they’ll be undergoing such a procedure.

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